Chest Binders

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We provide chest binders for transmasculine and nonbinary individuals who need them to alleviate chest dysphoria, or for gender expression. We buy from the supplier, either GC2B or another trusted brand like Underworks or Fytist.

We also provide Chest Binder fittings for folks who need them. 

Priority to people of color and those experiencing homelessness or poverty (cannot afford one)

Go Here to Apply!

Chest Binder Application

OR Here to Schedule a Fitting!

(In-person fittings are temporarily unavailable due to pending watch of the Omicron Variant)

Please use a tape measure to measure yourself or come in for a fitting if you are unsure of your size!




Sizes - Measure Chest-Inches: X-small 28-31 / Small 32-35 / Medium 36-39 / Large 40-43/ X-large 44-47 / 2X 48-51 / 3X 52-55 / 56-59 If unsure, please order the next size up.


Sizes - Measure Chest-Inches: X-small 32-33 / Small 32-34 / Medium 34-36 / Large 36-38/ X-large 38-40 / 2X 40-42 / 3X 42-44 / 4X 44-47/ 5X 47-52

 If unsure, please order the next size up.