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Hello Oregon Community! 

Our Mission is on hold for a few months while we regroup and solidify our board and funding partners.

Here is our full letter to the community regarding our hiatus.

In the meantime, we now have a discord

18+ only for now. 

In Joy, Rhian

(Founder and Outreach Director)

At Joyful Transitions PDX, we whole-heartedly believe that every transgender or nonbinary person no matter their status in society: class, orientation, race, age, deserve to take up space and feel joy in their transition. 
Transgender and Nonbinary people and especially transgender and nonbinary youth deserve to be taken care of by their communities. They deserve to take up space in those communities and thrive in them. 

We make this our mission every day, and take pride in helping others reach that state of joy, no matter their life state. 


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We give out free chest binders, packers, stand to pee devices, tucking underwear, and educational materials for parents of trans and nonbinary children. These are all available monthly, and give priority to people of color and those experiencing homelessness or poverty.



We support our Trans and nonbinary community by reaching out to them when they need us most. We pride ourselves on kind and compassionate communication, and we try to focus on every client individually, and figure out if they have any other needs such as housing stability, other clothing, or food security.  

For this we love our Partners! They are vital resources for us to refer our clients to. 



At Joyful Transitions, we understand and internalize in our core mission that the fight for queer liberation is still ongoing, and is entwined with institutional racism. We strive to attend as many local community events, vigils, mutual aid events, and queer events to stay vigilant in our community. 

Afraid of asking your doctor for hormones? Need help finding a therapist?

Don't know how to word your coming out to parents or other family?

We can also help you with advocacy!

Let us be your advocates, and get you the medical or social gender transition you need. 

Chest Binders for Nonbinary and Trans Masculine Individuals

Packers, STPS,

and Packer Pouches

Trans Feminine Products: Gaffs, Tucking, prosthetics, and more!

We provide chest binders for transmasculine and nonbinary individuals who need them to alleviate chest dysphoria, or for gender expression. 

We buy from GC2B, Fytist, and Underworks.

We also provide Chest Binder fittings for folks who need them. 

Priority to people of color and those experiencing homelessness or poverty (cannot afford one)

Go Here to Apply!


OR Here to Schedule a Fitting!

(In-person fittings are temporarily unavailable due to current watch of the Omicron Variant of Covid-19)

We also provide packers and stand to pee devices for transmasculine and nonbinary individuals who need them to alleviate dysphoria and for gender expression. We receive them from both, and buy from Transguysupply. Priority to people of color and those experiencing homelessness and poverty. 

To receive one, fill out our Outreach form Here!


We provide Gaffs, tucking undergarments, and breast forms for transfeminine and nonbinary individuals. These are needed to alleviate dysphoria or for gender expression. Priority to people of color and those experiencing homelessness and poverty. 

(Breastforms/Shapewear are temporarily unavailable due to limited budget).

Our vendors are:


Glamour boutique, The BreastForm,

Origami Customs, and TranscendThem.

To receive a gaff or breast forms/bra, fill out our Outreach Form Here!


Social Transition Planning for Trans Kids and Teens

Advocacy In Social and Medical  Transitions 

Community Events and Free-Store

If your child or teen just came out as trans or nonbinary, we're here to guide you!


We can provide online and book resources, one on one peer sessions, as well as planning for the coming social transition. 

We also provide gender transition consults over Google meet if preferred!

Go Here to schedule a Consult!


For peer to peer planning with only a child and not the parent,

Under 16, Parents' permission/expressed acceptance is required.

16 and over, no parent permission or acceptance required. 

FIll out our General Outreach Form Here (TBA), or 

Email us at:

In addition to social transition planning for minors, we also help trans adults who are unsure of where to start, or stumped in their transition.

We help brainstorm new expressions, identities, and help with the technical side as well.

We can bridge resources for hormones, general healthcare, and we are knowledgeable about both FTM and MTF top surgery and the process surrounding it. 

Your transition is your own and we are here to support you no matter the route you take. 

Fill out our General Outreach Form Here (TBA) to get started! 

Go Here to schedule a Consult! (TBA)


Email us at:

We attend community events intended to inspire the public to be accepting and affirming of transgender, nonbinary, and two-spirit individuals. 

As well as community-led and POC prioritized events where resources, materials, and necessities are being provided. 

At these community events, we give out cards, pamphlets, gender-affirming books, chest binders, and our company!

We also can typically measure for chest binder fittings, helping you figure out your size to minimize the already emotional process of buying or receiving a chest binder.

To contact us about attending your event, please fill out our General Outreach form Here!

Community Resources

Outreach Volunteering

Information, education and referral

Our Outreach volunteers are our peer to peer advocates who take pride in helping those who have gone through transition, just like them. They help you make a plan for social transition, and refer you to resources in our community.

Fill out our Volunteering Form Here!

Or Email: with the subject: Joyful Volunteer.

(Taking Volunteers again in March 2022)

Under our Community Resources Tab, you will see a list of our current community partners. We not only refer our clients to these other organizations but encourage others to seek their resources whenever they need them. 

Mutual Aid is extremely important in the Portland metro area and is often how transgender folks have made free stores, protested for rights, and provide for one another. We trust these resources to help transgender people in need.

Educational materials are one of our greatest resources. We provide choice books that help with parenting lgbt kids and teens, gender expansive books for said kids and teens, and relatable nonfiction books and fiction books for trans adults. You can see our available books under the "Library" Tab.

Fill out our Outreach Form to Apply